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If you have plans to sell, trade or want to know about your car. Our service can estimate the value of your vehicle, based on distance traveled or vehicle history


ABOUT Vehicle Data 2000

Vehicle Data 2000 is proud to be a service that provides vehicle history reports that display historical data from each used vehicle. If you are selling a vehicle make sure you have a history report to make a fast and secure transaction. Data shows that used car sellers in 35% of cases get the asking price when providing a detailed VIN check of their vehicle. Buying a vehicle? It is highly recommended to do a VIN check on the Vehicle History Report before buying a used vehicle to learn the true history before making a purchase. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars from buying vehicles with a hidden past.

Get yourself the best deal

Understand the cars real market value, its history and condition and the total cost of owning it.


Odometer Check

Title and Problem Check

Accident Check

Vehicle Usage

Owner History

Service And Repair History Check

What’s in the report?

Our databases collect information on vehicles from thousands of sources, including government, partnerships, dealerships, repair shops, insurance companies and more.

This allows us to compare data across each of the sources for your car type and history, giving us an understanding of the market value compared to similar vehicles.

The report also tracks information on a vehicles past, consolidating it in a single place, so there are no hidden surprises. The report will also calculates factors like required maintenance or fuel consumption, to understand exactly how much it costs to drive over the years.


Would like to know more?

We will provide a sample vehicle history report, which can be downloaded now for free and join thousands of happy clients.


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